Becoming What You Worship

The struggle with idolatry is something that has challenged the people of God for thousands of years. Idolatry can manifest itself in so many forms that we must always be on guard against its allure. One of the most significant issues believers struggle with is accurately identifying idolatry in our lives today. To accurately identify idolatry, we must go back to its roots which are recorded in Scripture.

In this three hour teaching, we will get to the heart of idolatry - the diminishing of the Divine and how idol worship causes the worshiper to take on traits of that which he worships. We are presented with the option: worship the one true God and become like Him, becoming His image, or worship the created and live a life apart from the Source of life. What will you choose?

(3 Video DVDs)

Type: DVD

Vendor: Ryan White

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