House of Shammai and House of Hillel CD

Many people in the Religious world look at the arguments Yeshua was having with the Pharisees and immediately an anti-Jewish thought develops in the mind of the believer. I submit that we are lacking context of the religious, social, and political issues in the first century. Do you know about the 18 edicts of Shammai? Did you know there were 7 types of Pharisees in the first century? Did you know that during the ministry of Yeshua, It was said that Jews could not buy oil, bread, eat with or go to the home of a non-Jewish person. In Acts 10:28, Peter said to them,"You yourselves know how it is an unlawful thing for a man who is a Jew to join himself or come to one of another nation, but nowhere in the Scriptures can you find that commandment. Who established that as a law in Israel? This is the root of the problem Paul was having with the Jews from Jerusalem. Paul studied with the House of Hillel which believes that a Gentile did have part in the Malchut Hashamayim (Kingdom of Heaven). It was the House of Shammai that made this law. I believe that Yeshua's arguments were targeted to the House of Shammai because they believed that the Oral Law was equal or greater to the Torah. I pray this teaching will help you understand the social and religious problems that caused contention between the message of Yeshua of restoring the Lost sheep of the house of Israel.

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