Introduction to Encroachment CD

In this 1-hour teaching, Rico will introduce you to Biblical concept of encroachment. You may have heard it said "to not approach the things of the LORD in an unworthy manner." In the book of Numbers, God defines the roles of the Levites and their responsibilities to the Tabernacle. It also states that the stranger who comes near is to be put to death. This is the act of encroachment. This illicit contact with the holy things of God produces divine wrath or plague which can not only strike down the sinner but can also engulf the entire community as a whole. We can see this with the example of Korah among other stories in the Scripture. God is serious about this separation. We must learn this concept and take application in all areas of our lives. We must never encroach upon the things that YHWH has sanctified as holy unto Him. 

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