Is Yeshua the True Messiah of Israel?

Our hope of redemption is based on the resurrection and work of our Messiah Yeshua. This is the foundation of our faith. However, in the last days, many believers are finding themselves questioning their faith and leaving Yeshua and converting to Judaism as a religion. The Rabbis understood that the future messiah will come as Messiah Ben Joseph or Messiah Ben David. Which role is Yeshua officiating right now? Yeshua identified himself as the Tzadick, Kohen ha Gadol, Elohim, and the Memra of Elohim. The lack of knowledge in these matters and in Temple service has lead believers to question their messiah. This study will prove that the only man that can be called Messiah is Yeshua. I believe that the proper understanding of Yeshua in light of the temple service and the role of the High Priest is the key to understanding the Biblical requirements to be called Messiah and Redeemer of the whole house of Israel. (2 DVD Set)

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