Lifecycle of a Messianic Israelite - Updated Edition

Updated Edition! - New Recording!

So many brethren bring baggage with them as they discover the Hebrew Roots of their faith. They often go through various stages of behavior as they learn more. Sometimes they are angry for the lies they inherited in their previous walk. Other times they may be over-zealous to share the things they have learned with those who are not prepared to receive the information. All of these behaviors are a normal part of the learning process. Join Ed as he looks at the natural progression of becoming a Messianic believer. Ed takes a look at the various stages of thoughts and typical behavioral patterns that follow. In this DVD you will learn:

• How to recognize the various stages that a new believer is in
• How to communicate and with the believers in these phases
• How to accept them into your community and help them as they continue to grow

1 Video DVD

Category: Community, New Brethren

Type: DVD

Vendor: Ed Harris

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