Messianic Prophecies Rabbinical Commentaries (English)

There is an immense amount of information in rabbinical commentaries regarding passages of Scripture that are related to the Messiah. We can discover these things and see the fulfillment of them in the Brit Hadasha (New Testament). As a Jew, I have been studying this subject with much zeal and have found that the rabbis of old share with us much deep understanding about our Moshiach in their commentaries. Now, thanks to the information superhighway, we can compare this information that is in the Talmud, Gamara, Midrash and other rabbinical sources and compare them to the historical information about Messiah in the Brit Hadasha. In doing this we find that Yahshua is the true Messiah and that the sages of Israel understood certain passages in the Tenack to be about the Messiah.

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