Principles of Exile and Redemption in the Prophets

The first teaching explains the cycle of exile and redemption. Sin causes punishment. Punishment is exile into thenations. Exile in the nations brings affliction and persecution. Affliction and persecution brings about repentance. Repentance brings about the ingathering of the exiles by the Messiah. The future redemption is like the historical Egyptian redemption. The ingathering of the exiles is associated with the judgment of the nations and the fall of Babylon during the tribulation period. The second teaching explains some of the Biblical terms for the exiles of Israel. They include being blind, deaf, lame, poor, leprous and an adulterous woman. The exile is a wound. Yeshua healing these various ailments is a prophecy of His role to gather the exiles of Israel in the end of days. The ingathering of the exiles sanctifies the name of the God of Israel and brings glory to the Messiah, His people and His Kingdom.

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