Seven Pillars of Wisdom

Have you ever said to yourself “I do not know what to do?” “How do I get out of this situation?” “How can I get my life together?”

The answer to the hardest questions is found only in YHWH's WISDOM. Ed Harris begins this journey by discussing key principles about YHWH's seventh day—the Shabbat, the revelation of the symbol of the Hebrew people - the Menorah, and the importance of the Seven Pillars of Wisdom for the Believer.  Through this engaging series, we will learn how these Seven Pillars of Wisdom provide the support needed to build on our foundation of Faith.

We will:
-Learn the Hebraic approach and importance of the number seven (Sheba)
-Identify the attributes of the Seven Pillars of Wisdom
-Understand how to apply the Seven Pillars of Wisdom in everyday life

(3 Audio CDs)

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Vendor: Ed Harris

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