Swift to Hear, Slow to Speak, Slow to Anger

Each Believer is called individually to repair and restoration of the soul, the Hebraic concept of Tikkun.  Each person should be living and growing daily to me more like the Messiah.

Within this individual call is the connection of our place in history through our relationships.  How is your relationship with your spouse, and family, both immediate and extended?  Are you relating well to your friends, coworkers, or sisters/brothers in the faith? Do you find it difficult to open up to people or to trust another person?  YHWH has sent His Word so that we can fulfill His heart to be repairers of the breach in every relationship. Learn to:  

- Better discern between the yetzer hara (evil intentions) and yetzer tov (good intentions).
- Identify the beliefs that are hindering your ability to hear YHWH
- Sharpen your “spiritual ears” to hear YHWH's heart in and through others

(3 Audio CDs)

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