The Apocalypse of God's Righteousness Part 1 (Digital Download MP3)

For the earliest believers in Yeshua, his resurrection was the single most powerful event that had ever occurred. It shattered the power of sin and proclaimed Yeshua to be the Son of God (Romans 1:4). What was it that was so powerful about this event? Why was it absolutely necessary for the plan of salvation for Messiah to be resurrected? What was it about this Yeshua that attracted so many pagans to reject their gods, to reject their king (Caesar) and to follow another King? In this teaching, we will look at the historical background to the first century world to discover how the city of Rome was able to control most of the known world through imperial cult worship and through the power of crucifixion and how Paul understood Yeshua as having crushed the Imperial Roman empire. (Audio)

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