The Progressive Torah: Genesis

The Progressive Torah was created as a means by which one may simply read the Torah and, as a byproduct of that reading, learn some Hebrew. This is what we call the "Reading to Learn Hebrew" method. It is a more natural way to study the language.

Genesis begins the Hebrew journey by restoring the name and titles of YHVH as well as all the direct quotes of YHVH, the alef-tavs, and the conjugations of the various restored words. The focus of the restored words in Level One is the Creator and words that have to do with Him.

There are various colors used in this text: Hebrew names are indicated with a brown font. Vocabulary words are indicated with a blue font. Verbs are indicated with a red font. Words of YHVH are indicated with a green font. Miscellaneous words are in black.

Paperback - 328 Pages

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