The Royal Messenger - DVD

In this series, we will take an ancient Near Eastern approach to investigate the history, context, and roles of the Messenger sent by the King. By investigating these areas, we will be able to get a much clearer understanding to the hierarchy within the Kingdom of YHWH and see the legality of this relationship between the King and his Royal Messenger. Royal messengers in the ancient Near East had numerous responsibilities and roles granted to them such as being a vassal king, a prophet, a vizier, or one who intercedes on behalf of the people. All of these roles are initiated with the legality of being sent” with all the king’s authority.

As we explore all of these topics and more, we will quickly see that Scripture fully supports all of the various roles of the Royal Messenger. This area of study will strengthen the foundation for Yeshua as Messiah and being the Royal Messenger sent to restore the Kingdom of YHWH.

This teaching is approximately 3.5 hours

(2 Video DVDs)

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