Treasures of the Temple 102 DVD Set

Treasures of the Temple 102 Conference DVD set includes approximately 24 hours of video teaching recorded live in Orlando Florida and the accompanying workbook. It features teachings by Rico Cortes, Dr. Dinah Dye, and Joseph.

This course features live teachings by Joseph Good, Rico Cortes, and Dinah Dye focusing on various aspects of the Temple and its services. Through the study of the Temple we learn how to better understand our Scriptures and how to be better servants of God. 


  • Dinah - Temple Patterns in Creation
  • Joe - The Place of the Temple
  • Rico - Encroachment of the Sancta
  • Dinah - Temple Patterns in Numbers
  • Joe - Introduction to the Temple
  • Rico - Evidence of Water Cisterns on the Temple Mount
  • Joe - Could the Temple have been Located in the City of David?
  • Dinah - Temple Patterns in the Garden and Field
  • Rico - The Great Sanhedrin Council and Its History
  • Joe - Establishing the Location of the Temple
  • Dinah - Temple Patterns in Kingship
  • Rico - Temple Language in the Apostolic Writings
  • Ryan White - We, the Temple
  • Dinah - Temple Patterns in the Gospels and Epistles
  • Rico - Yovel - Freedom Atonement
  • Joe - The Sanhedrin Yeshua and the Temple

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