Tree of Life Reality

As Abram looked up into the sky, YHWH promised him that he would make his seed as numerous
as stars in the heavens. As children of this promise we have a temporary, earthly bodies
that have the capacity of experiencing the eternal.

Tree of Life Reality is a two part audio teaching that explores how we can live a life that is
established in the eternity of the Kingdom of Yah. Travel through the Word as Ed Harris explores
Genesis 3 to reveal a unique perspective on how we are wired to perpetuate that which is eternal.
Every Believer has access to the Tree of Life and can boldly walk out and live out what they
have been specifically designed and created to be.

• Understand the Biblical principle of eternity
• How to prevent the downgrading of your eternal status
• Knowing Yeshua as Eitz Chaim, the tree of life

2 Audio CDs

Type: CD

Vendor: Ed Harris

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