What is Kedushah? DVD

In this teaching Rico will cover the meaning of Holy, but from a temple service and biblical perspective. The word Holy,"Kadosh" in Scripture, is being used in a way that saying holy nowdays does not do justice to the real meaning of the word. Did you know that in the Temple there were 10 levels of sanctity or Holiness? Did you know that none of the great men in the Torah or Tanach were ever called Holy by Elohim? Did you know that the only thing ever called Holy in the book of Genesis is the Sabbath in chapter 2? In the Scriptures the word Holy is never used by Elohim to describe an individual, but always the Nation of Israel. A person can be righteous as an individual, but only acquires holiness when the congregation of Israel is together. These are just some of the questions we will answer in this important teaching.
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